You are making a difference in the mental health and wellness of youth in our community! image

You are making a difference in the mental health and wellness of youth in our community!

Your support directly impacts our ability to expand and deliver critical social, emotional, and mental health support.

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Your generosity supports the mental health and wellness of young people!

Rye Youth Council’s sole mission is to support the social, emotional, and mental well-being of kids grades K-college in the Rye community: right now our work is more important than ever.

While many are struggling with their mental health during the pandemic, data show that young people are struggling the most. 1 in 4 teens between ages 12 and 18 suffer from at least one diagnosable mental health disorder. Throughout the pandemic, youth ages 11-17 have been more likely than any other age group to score for moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety and depression.

This year, Rye Youth Council (RYC) launched a comprehensive Mental Health Program to support the increasing need for care and resources for youth and families.

Your support will directly impact our ability to deliver and expand these efforts, some of which are below:

  • Our new Mental Health Team and clinical internship program now offer 3-6 months of clinical counseling for Rye’s youth ages 10-22, at little to no cost to their families.
  • RYC staff trained more than 90 local parents, business leaders, and educators in Youth Mental Health First Aid, an evidence-based course that is like CPR for mental health. Our goal? Create a critical mass of adults who are equipped to help young people get care.
  • RYC Social Work Supervisor serves on the Westchester County Suicide Prevention Task Force and is now a certified instructor in the evidence-based Suicide Safety for Teachers.
  • Our partnership with the Rye City School District and RyeACT brings a new, evidence-based Peer to Peer Program to educate Rye High School students about depression, anxiety, and other depressive illnesses to reduce stigma, raise awareness, and encourage help-seeking.
  • RYC Clinical Services Support Line helps parents find mental health support and resources.
  • RYC Employment Service connects students to their community, a well-accepted protective factor that keeps youth from harmful and risky behavior. Last year teens had access to 250+ jobs and 72 community service opportunities.

Now, more than ever, we need your financial support to increase the mental health support our children, teens and young adults need. Please give today!

Peace, health, and happiness to you and yours.