Your donation supports the social and emotional health of youth and families in our community! image

Your donation supports the social and emotional health of youth and families in our community!

Now, more than ever . . . we are Better Together

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Your financial support is critical to sustain the RYC. Now, more than ever.

Rye Youth Council has been serving youth and families in our community since 1971. We were there for our community then, and we're here for our community now! Thank you so very much for helping ensure we will be able to serve you, your family and your community in the future.

We are so grateful for your support!Since 1971, Rye parents have worked together through their participation on the Rye Youth Council Board of Directors to create programs and services that support the emotional health and mental well-being of Rye's children, teens, and young adults. A small local nonprofit comprising one full-time and one part-time staff, the organization engages, educates and empowers youth through classroom lessons, educational workshops, and experiential learning in partnership with families, schools and community.

Rye Youth Council programs are created to improve the emotional strength that children and families need to find balance and focus, to excel through transitions, and to become strong, independent and resilient individuals. Research demonstrates that youth who are empowered through social and emotional learning are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, more likely to be academically engaged, and less likely to be involved in at-risk behaviors.

All RYC programs, including after school, evening and weekend opportunities for youth, families and community, are provided for free or a nominal charge, and are available to individuals who live or attend schools in Rye and Rye Neck. Many of the programs also are available for youth and parents in surrounding communities.

Rye Youth Council programs and services include:

  • School-based social emotional learning programs integrated into classroom instruction promote positive peer relationships, healthy and informed decision making, and leadership development
  • Drug and alcohol prevention and education programs reduce the underage use of alcohol and drugs among teens in Rye. RYC is on the steering committee of RyeACT (Rye's drug and alcohol coaltion) and serves as the RyeACT Youth Sector organization. RYC programs take place in and out of school, 365 days a year, to ensure maximum reach and impact.
  • Parent Education support groups and workshops that are grade and age specific and which provide strategies that are developmentally appropriate.
  • Service learning programs -- with an emphasis on inter-generational programs -- for middle and high school teens increase community connection and engagement, create opportunities to enrich the lives of others, improve self-confidence and grow self-esteem